Nicola Vincenzo Piscopo 

Nicola Vincenzo Piscopo is an award-winning painter and draftsman based in Italy whose works have been exhibited both nationally and in Georgia. He describes painting as not only being a tool that allows him to express thoughts, but it is also the elementary and fundamental condition for him to be able to process thought. For Piscopo, art is a philosophy, an exercise in thought, and an existential experiment.

Nausea” is the title of a collection that shows the bulimic desire in the consumption of images: the double choice of sending an image away for a new one imposes the contrasting sense of desire and rejection. This aberrant phenomenon is nausea. The following images are acrylic paintings on canvas, in different formats. The first paintings (DAD) were born spontaneously in the experience of the 2020 lockdown, during the first experience as a teacher in distance learning. The sense of paralysis emerged in the alienation of becoming other than oneself: image, screen. Thus a sense of homologated nausea took shape, linked to the consumption of oneself through the screens. The pointillist brushstroke and the expressionist use of color indicate a certain suffering; an emotional vibration in the epistemic flattening produced by the inflation of images, reduced and elevated to significant void