Li Yan

"Modern people absorb information via media and so seldom experience things first hand. Truthfulness experienced is truthfulness mediated. That is, we do not pick things up directly. So one can no longer present a scene as a pure unit, it has to be presented instead in the form of news editing. One has to fetch the information from different websites, so I do that and select different images. Map and 5 Pieces, for instance, was information re-edited by me, so that satellite images were placed next to other images. With work produced in this way, the audience can make their own selections too, as there is an interaction process here. I think this is more truthful in a way, as it is based on my observations of the period’s media phenomenon."

Selected Exhibitions:

2017  China meets Europe, Museum Villa Haiss,Zell am Harmersbach,Germany

2016  17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2016,National Art Gallery,Dhaka,Bangladesh

2016  Root Scene – Chinese Contemporary Art Group Show, China Exchange UK, London


2015  All Living Creatures Scene, TAIWAN Chia Nan Museum, Tainan

2015  Individual Scene, The Art Gallery of Sichuan University

2015  Exhibition on Summer’s Threshold, Embassy of The Czech Republic in China , Beijing

2015  Reflections of Spring, Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing

2013  DREAMS OF CHINA, Python Gallery, Zurich

2013  The Sixth Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu

2012  Yan Li - Li Yan: Two Sides of A Mirror, Embassy of the Czech Republic in China, Beijing

2011  Prague Action, China Czech Contemporary Museum, Beijing

2010  Emerging Artists from North, Mountain Art Beijing & Frank Lin Art Center, Beijing

2009  CHINA URBAN,Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College,Portland

2008  The Revolution Continues: New Art From China,Saatchi Gallery, London

2008  Fear,Wedel Fine Art,London